Comic 167 - Hit the Road

15th Mar 2016, 7:50 AM
Hit the Road
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DizzasterJuice 15th Mar 2016, 7:50 AM edit delete
And we're done with Delta Colony. Next stop, Area 51!
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Dragonrider 15th Mar 2016, 8:46 AM edit delete reply
The Men In Black will be thrilled.
Sheela 15th Mar 2016, 3:33 PM edit delete reply
The Men in Black will be terrified .. Bidi is coming!
DizzasterJuice 15th Mar 2016, 8:59 PM edit delete reply
The zombies in bl... I mean men in black should be thrilled.
Mark 16th Mar 2016, 10:41 AM edit delete reply
There are no men in black. What you witnessed was swamp gas inadvertantly ignited by chemtrails from overhead aircraft.... er I mean the weather balloon.
Sheela 16th Mar 2016, 10:54 AM edit delete reply
The Zombies in black are dancing to "Thriller" ?
Miaubol 15th Mar 2016, 9:18 AM edit delete reply
"..a beautiful lepidoptera on my ass. want to see it?"


" can show me back in my room"


... ... that was mean ;D
Sheela 15th Mar 2016, 3:34 PM edit delete reply
Don't worry, there are tattoos in the vote incentive. :)
DizzasterJuice 15th Mar 2016, 9:01 PM edit delete reply
A very special incentive page coming just because you brought it up. :D
Thom 15th Mar 2016, 12:56 PM edit delete reply
Well done!
chk 15th Mar 2016, 1:05 PM edit delete reply
Very cool.
Centcomm 15th Mar 2016, 3:21 PM edit delete reply
YAY update! Looking forward to the next installment!
Shan 15th Mar 2016, 4:55 PM edit delete reply
When *don't* we look forward to the next installment?
Sheela 16th Mar 2016, 10:55 AM edit delete reply
Aaaaallwaaayyys. :)
Cinderella Man 15th Mar 2016, 6:06 PM edit delete reply
So. Like. ehm. After AGES of epic slowmoving detailed pages comes like ONE page to quite suddenly end the chapter, answer all the questions and tie up all the loose ends. There is only one word to decribe it: LOL.

( LOL a word by now? It should be.)
DizzasterJuice 15th Mar 2016, 8:57 PM edit delete reply
They started saying goodbye on pages 148 & 149 "Bye Bye Delta", then Bidi went to get Lola some more people so they could leave. So that's 20 pages of goodbye. Maybe if she didn't get sidetracked so easily it wouldn't seem so abrupt.
Bidi's fault!
DLKmusic 16th Mar 2016, 12:40 AM edit delete reply
Area 51? I'm with Bidi on this one... probably more Techno-secrets at Disney World!

AND... 'splosives, too!
DizzasterJuice 18th Mar 2016, 6:38 PM edit delete reply
Yeah they have fireworks every night at the Magic Kingdom.
Mark 16th Mar 2016, 10:43 AM edit delete reply
Nice ink on the incentive by the way!
DizzasterJuice 18th Mar 2016, 6:38 PM edit delete reply
And since we've found her a new tattoo artist...
jerrie 17th Mar 2016, 2:25 AM edit delete reply
Looking forward to more! I hope we see Bidi again, she's great
DizzasterJuice 18th Mar 2016, 6:39 PM edit delete reply
She's not going anywhere anytime soon.
velvetsanity 17th Mar 2016, 3:12 AM edit delete reply
Wait, you mean Bidi isn't the main protagonist?
DizzasterJuice 18th Mar 2016, 6:40 PM edit delete reply
She kind of stole the part didn't she.
SquallLion 17th Mar 2016, 12:38 PM edit delete reply
"so you can take your hand off of my ass now" lol
Bill 18th Mar 2016, 1:17 PM edit delete reply
Am I sensing a setup for a spinoff comic starring Bidi?
DizzasterJuice 18th Mar 2016, 6:41 PM edit delete reply
We'll be following both stories at once.
sbr 21st Mar 2016, 1:28 AM edit delete reply
I almost forgot Bidi wasn't the star of the show. Will be sad to see her go.
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