Comic 87 - Bidi's Redemption

27th Nov 2014, 9:55 PM
Bidi's Redemption
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DizzasterJuice 27th Nov 2014, 9:55 PM edit delete
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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jamie59 27th Nov 2014, 11:56 PM edit delete reply
Till she tells you about her new toys.
Dragonrider 28th Nov 2014, 12:17 AM edit delete reply
Wait til they find the empty can she used for paint.
DizzasterJuice 28th Nov 2014, 10:58 PM edit delete reply
They might start seeing paint muties when they try to drive it huh.
StarSword 17th Feb 2018, 4:06 PM edit delete reply
Don't worry, the sign on the paint was for biohazards, not radiation or chemicals.
jerrie 28th Nov 2014, 12:28 AM edit delete reply
LOL!!!! wait till they find out what she used for friggin PAINT!
DizzasterJuice 28th Nov 2014, 11:07 PM edit delete reply
That paint may be a good thing, like a zombie repellent or something... but, probably not since Bidi was involved.
Draginbeard 28th Nov 2014, 2:16 AM edit delete reply
AHH! Don't touch it! Bidi did this thing and made it all red and...and...

....uh, Im taking about the vehicle, of course.
Centcomm 28th Nov 2014, 3:38 AM edit delete reply
red ones go faster.. just ask the orks .. in 40k :D so that gives it a bigger boom and speed boost ! :D fantastic job Dizz !
DizzasterJuice 28th Nov 2014, 11:03 PM edit delete reply
Thanks. The interceptor was faster and already had a snow plow but I'm happy we went with the ATV instead because it forced me to make one.
SquallLion 28th Nov 2014, 5:01 AM edit delete reply
the 6th panel is the best one (the others are great, don't care about that:) the silent playing.
Skweeee 28th Nov 2014, 11:01 PM edit delete reply
I love that vehicle. If I win the lottery, I'm making one.
DizzasterJuice 28th Nov 2014, 11:05 PM edit delete reply
It would definitely be more useful up there then down here in Florida.
Lopriest 1st Dec 2014, 5:23 AM edit delete reply
"Let's check on Bidi, make sure she doesn't get into any trouble"
Had to laugh out loud at that one :D
Quieteyes 6th Dec 2014, 2:50 PM edit delete reply
Er, about the paint job: since it wasn't actually paint, is it going to come off the next time it rains?
Some Ed 24th Jun 2017, 9:44 AM edit delete reply
My guess would be no, it won't last that long. ;) But in this strip, who knows? I mean, of course, besides D. Juice.
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